Next Group of Heroes Arrives in Minneapolis

The clock neared midnight at MSP airport’s arrival concourse on October 29th, as a crowd full of grateful Ukrainian-Minnesotans waited to greet four brave Ukrainian combat heroes. The group of soldiers, arriving from Ukraine after being wounded in battle, were part of the next wave of heroes set to receive prosthetic care from doctor Yakov Gradinar and his Protez Foundation based in Minneapolis.

As the soldiers made their entrance to the concourse, cheers erupted from the crowd. Many displayed blue and yellow flags, and many fought back tears of gratefulness in their eyes. The soldiers received flowers, handshakes, and hugs as the national anthem of Ukraine broke out amongst the crowd. The display of gratitude was simply overwhelming. These heroes now become the fourth group of soldiers to receive prosthetic care from the Protez Foundation, which has been a tremendous success since its inception.

If you would like to donate to help wounded Ukrainian heroes receive life-changing prosthetic care, please consider donating at the foundation’s website:

By: Drew Seibert and Daria Herasymova