Welcome to the Twin Cities Annual Ukrainian Heritage Festival!

Friday, September 15, 6-10 pm
Every third Saturday of September, 12-8 pm

Ukrainian Heritage Festival is world-class celebration of Ukrainian culture and its unique traditions in the Twin Cities. “All things Ukrainian” await you! Bring family and friends, get entertained with outstanding dance and music performances, enjoy delicious Ukrainian food, and simply have fun!

This year we celebrate our Annual Ukrainian Heritage Festival on every third Saturday of September, 12:00 – 8:00 p.m. along with a special ‘Vechirka’ Beer-Music-Dance Night, Friday night, 6pm – 10pm, at the Ukrainian Center (301 Main St. NE., Minneapolis, MN, 55413).

What Is the Twin Cities Ukrainian Heritage Festival All About?

It’s all about:
Inspiring and maintaining an interest in Ukrainian culture, history, and traditions, both ancient and modern;
Encouraging Ukrainian Americans to explore and appreciate their unique heritage, and instill love for “all things Ukrainian” in their lives.

The festival is also all about celebrating and sharing Ukrainian culture in Minnesota by:
Organizing and presenting cultural performances, including dance, vocal and instrumental music, as well as music bands;
Promoting Ukrainian culture and art through various exhibits;
Sharing delicious homemade Ukrainian food;

It’s all about: Engaging and nurturing a state-wide network of supporters, who appreciate Ukrainian culture; creating a family-friendly community space in historic St. Anthony East that both Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians, living in the Twin Cities as well as visitors, can enjoy.

The Ukrainian Heritage Festival is a perfect  place for Ukrainian artists, performers, and craftsmen to showcase their skills with the wider Minnesota community. Ukrainian-Americans organizations and vendors appreciate having a wonderful opportunity to share their talents, products, and services with wider audiences.

We welcome ALL with hearts full of joy! 
Вітаємо! Welcome!

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