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” Arm Ukraine Now”

Starting April 13, the МN Ukrainian American Advocacy Committee, along with other national Ukrainian organizations, calls upon the Minnesota Ukrainian community and allies to join a global social media campaign “Arm Ukraine Now.”  Anyone who supports Ukraine for its unity and independence, and supports providing heavy weapons to Ukraine to end russia’s military aggression can participate.  It will run from today until April 30, 2022.

Here’s how to join:
1. Take a photo of a piece of paper, on your phone, tablet, with the slogan #ArmUkraineNow (or yourself holding the photo).
2. Post to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, with a short appeal to the leadership of your state, or to the international community at large with the request to provide Ukraine with heavy weapons to counter russia’s aggression and to save civilian lives. Post your photo in the Ukrainians in Minnesota – Stand With Ukraine MN Facebook group so that others can see it by using the hashtags #ArmUkraineNow
3. Tag three friends to do the same.

Support Ukraine: call your elected representatives and urge them to #ArmUkraineNow

Staffers will make a note of the subject of your call. The higher the number of calls, the higher the priority, the greater the impact! Call every day.

Sample script

Good morning/afternoon-
My name is […].
I am calling from [city], [state], to urge the U.S. to do everything possible to help Ukraine stop Russia’s war NOW. As an American, I cannot abide Russia’s genocide of Ukrainian civilians.
I call on President Biden to IMMEDIATELY provide Ukraine with all the weapons they have requested to defend themselves from Russian brutality and to completely liberate themselves from Russian occupation.
The Ukrainians need:
– Advanced air-defense systems
– Fighter jets
– Anti-ship missiles
– Tanks

The U.S. and our allies must answer President Zelensky’s call for the world to do more. We can no longer expect the Ukrainians to shoulder the burden of courage by themselves. The costs of our hesitation are just too great, and they are borne by the blood of innocent Ukrainians each day we delay. Please help Ukraine win – ARM UKRAINE NOW!

MN Senators
Minnesota House Representatives

Add the 3 numbers to your phone, all under P – Politician to click down the list each day – 2 for your senators, 1 for your Representative. 

Not in Minnesota? Find your Senator:

Find your Congress Representative:…/find-your-representative

Write to the White House:

Here to support you: Minnesota Ukrainian American Advocacy Committee (MN UAAC)

MN UAAC represents the Ukrainian American community in Minnesota and coordinates Ukrainian community advocacy work.

The committee’s mission is to educate the public and our elected officials about Ukrainian issues and support the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine. There are more than 17,000 Ukrainians in the State of Minnesota.

MN UAAC regularly updates members of the Minnesota Congressional delegation about Ukraine-related legislative issues.

The Advocacy Committee represents all 17,000 Ukrainian Americans in Minnesota, including these organizations:

  • AAYUD (Association of American Youth of Ukrainian Descent)
  • Maidan Minnesota
  • ODFFU (Organization for Defence of Four Freedoms for Ukraine)
  • St. Constantine Ukrainian Catholic Church
  • St. Michael and St. George’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church
  • Ukrainian American Community Center
  • Ukrainian American Youth Organization