MN Ukrainian American Advocacy Committee (MN UAAC) is committed to educating the public and engaging elected officials in bipartisan support of the sovereignty of Ukraine. The committee coordinates advocacy efforts by reaching out to experts, policy-makers, and constituents, ensuring that community’s voices are amplified and heard at the federal, state, and city levels. MN UAAC aims to build allyships across Minnesota, U.S., and the world in support of Ukraine.

Founded in 2016, MN UAAC joined the American Coalition for Ukraine in September of 2022 and participated in its first Ukraine Action Summit in Washington DC.

The Ukrainian government has identified over 19,500 Ukrainian children who have been forcibly deported to Russia. The Kyiv Independent’s War Crimes Investigation Unit established the names of Russian-controlled officials who took part in the abduction and followed the paths of families who risked their lives to bring their children back. Urge your elected representatives to stop the illegal abduction of children from Ukraine to the Russian Federation.

Call for Action: Key Messages
Contact your Elected Officials Today! Staffers will make a note of the subject of your call or email. The higher the number of contacts, the higher the priority, the greater the impact!

Sample script for a phone call/email: Hi, my name is ____, and my zip code is ____. I’m calling about Ukraine funding. As your constituent and a member of ___ organizations in your district, I’m calling to urge your office (1) to support additional funding for Ukraine, and (2) to oppose any candidate for the Speakership who does not fully support Ukraine.

  • Ukrainians are very grateful for the support the U.S. has provided thus far.
  • The United States is not alone in supporting Ukraine—in fact, 19 other countries have committed a higher percentage of their GDP to help than the US has. 
  • Aid for Ukraine has some of the strictest oversight and accountability mechanisms.
  • Giving Ukraine the tools it needs to finish the fight is the right thing to do to prevent more Russian atrocities.
Very Important to Emphasize:

1. Support for Ukraine’s victory cannot fall prey to dysfunction in Washington. Congress must work to secure funding for Ukraine through 2024 and take national security off the bargaining table. Members of Congress should only vote for a new Speaker of the House who supports Ukraine. 

2. The majority of Americans continue to support Ukraine according to the most recent poll.

3. The US should send long-range ATACMS with unitary warheads in addition to the variant of ATACMS recently green-lighted by the Biden Administration.

Critical legislation that Congress should act on now:

[BILL YET TO BE INTRODUCED] Funding for Ukraine ($24B+) in accordance with the Biden Administration’s request in August to support Ukrainian victory. Details of the request by Roll Call.

Minnesota Senators:

Amy Klobuchar (D) – 202-224-3244

Tina Smith (D) – 202-224-5641

Minnesota House Representatives:

1st district: Brad Finstad 202-225-2472

2nd district: Angie Craig (D) 202-225-2271

3rd district: Dean Phillips (D) 202-225-2871

4th district: Betty McCollum (D) 202-225-6631

5th district: Ilhan Omar (D) 202-225-4755

6th district: Tom Emmer (R) 202-225-2331

7th district: Michelle Fischbach (R) 202-225-2165

8th district: Pete Stauber (R) 202-225-6211

Minnesota Ukrainian American Advocacy Committee (MN UAAC)

represents all 17,000 Ukrainian Americans in Minnesota, including these organizations:

  • AAYUD (Association of American Youth of Ukrainian Descent)
  • Maidan Minnesota
  • ODFFU (Organization for Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine)
  • St. Constantine Ukrainian Catholic Church
  • St. Katherine Ukrainian Orthodox Church
  • St. Michael’s and St. George’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church
  • Ukrainian American Community Center
  • Ukrainian American Youth Association


Ukraine Action Summit, community advocacy summit on the Hill

Not in Minnesota? Find your Senator:

Find your Congress Representative:…/find-your-representative

Write to the White House:


If you would like to volunteer with supporting advocacy efforts by putting your passion into real, local action – please complete the form to let the committee know you are interested!