ON June 12, 2022, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz honored our Ukrainian community by holding a ceremonial bill signing of Chapter 43, H.F. 4165, ending state investments in Russia and Belarus. Governor Walz said ,“To our Ukrainian Minnesota communities, you are woven into the fabric of this state. Without Ukrainian Minnesotans there is no Minnesota, and today, we are all Ukrainians.”

MN Ukrainian American Advocacy Committee thanks Governor Tim Walz, Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan, bill sponsors – Senator Kari Dziedzic and State Representatives Sydney Jordan, Representative Frank Hornstein, all Minnesota House and Senate members, Ethan Roberts and Judy Cook from the Jewish Community Relations Council: Minnesota and the Dakotas, Ukrainian churches and organizations for their support! This bill became a historic achievement and a true reflection on the values of freedom and democracy that are shared equally in both Minnesota and Ukraine.

Contact your elected officials

Support Ukraine: call your Senators and urge them to designate Russia as a State Sponsor of Terror

MN Senators

Staffers will make a note of the subject of your call. The higher the number of calls, the higher the priority, the greater the impact! Call every day.

Sample script

Good morning/afternoon, Senator –
My name is […].
I am calling from [city], [state], to appeal to you to support S.Res.623, which would designate russia as a State Sponsor of Terror. russia must be recognized as a sponsor of terror and suffer the consequences of its actions. 

For the past four months, russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine has caused immeasurable suffering and the loss of thousands of civilian lives.  The kremlin’s indiscriminate bombing throughout Ukraine of medical facilities, residential dwellings, and areas designated as shelters cannot be described in any other way than as terrorist acts. 

Daily images of intense artillery shelling and missiles hitting cities and villages in Ukraine remind me of the devastation the world witnessed in Syria years ago.  In both those instances, the kremlin was responsible for acts of barbarism and the deaths of thousands of innocent individuals.  The russian government’s use of violence and intimidation against innocents in Ukraine to achieve its political purposes can only be defined as international terrorism! Please vote ‘Yes” for S.Res.623!

Minnesota House Representatives

Add the 3 numbers to your phone, all under P – Politician to click down the list each day – 2 for your senators, 1 for your Representative. 

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Here to support you: Minnesota Ukrainian American Advocacy Committee (MN UAAC)

MN UAAC represents the Ukrainian American community in Minnesota and coordinates Ukrainian community advocacy work.

The committee’s mission is to educate the public and our elected officials about Ukrainian issues and support the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine. There are more than 17,000 Ukrainians in the State of Minnesota.

MN UAAC regularly updates members of the Minnesota Congressional delegation about Ukraine-related legislative issues.

The Advocacy Committee represents all 17,000 Ukrainian Americans in Minnesota, including these organizations:

  • AAYUD (Association of American Youth of Ukrainian Descent)
  • Maidan Minnesota
  • ODFFU (Organization for Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine)
  • St. Constantine Ukrainian Catholic Church
  • St. Katherine Ukrainian Orthodox Church
  • St. Michael and St. George’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church
  • Ukrainian American Community Center
  • Ukrainian American Youth Organization