Join the Fun and Bring Family and Friends!

Saturday, Sept 16, 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m.
Friday, Sept. 15th, 6pm – 10pm

Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

The Cheremosh dancers present lively folk dances from all regions of Ukraine. This year, a group of our dancers are performing in Ukraine – the Festival marks their first performance back after their tour. Cheremosh is a name of the mountain river in western Ukraine, hence the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Ensemble.

Ukrainian Village Band

Formed in 2006 for the Twin Cities Ukrainian Heritage Festival, Ukrainian Village Band has been growing ever since. Some of the musicians have Ukrainian roots (and one of them is from Ukraine) while the rest of are smitten by Ukrainian music (and salo, pyvo and horylka)!
One can always find people dancing wherever UVB plays. Come waltz and polka with them, or learn from how to do the traditional village and courtroom dances to such tunes as Hopak, Arkan, Hutsulka/Kolomyjka, Kartoplja, Orlytsja, Karapet, Ojra and more!

Band Members

Ivan Bryn (bass)
Lev Frayman (guitar)
Mila Lorrain (violin)
Oleksiy Khrystych (button accordion, vocals)
Stefan Iwaskewycz (drums)
Viktoriya Kantor (vocals)

Need a wedding or a special event entertainment? Look no further, contact UVB at [email protected]

   Special Guest Performances

We are fortunate to have so many talented performers! Each year we bring together singers, composers  and musicians well-known locally and in Ukraine. Live entertainment is happening on two stages.

Varenyky Eating Contest

So many varenyky, so little time! How many can you eat? Two competitions: one for brave adults and one for children.