Ukraine has been invaded by Russia. You can show solidarity and advocate.

You can give an organization a little bit of your money and donate. It will not stop a war.

But it will help Ukrainians to help themselves. And it could save lives.

Ukraine is not a rich country. The average household makes less than $7000 a year. A little money, sent in the right direction, can make a meaningful difference. And it might give you a sense that you have done the right thing, at least in a small way, at the right moment.

Russia and Ukraine are different in many ways. Russia is a militarized country which spends its hydrocarbon earnings on weapons, and intervenes beyond its borders on a regular basis. Ukraine has small armed forces with much less impressive weaponry. In Russia, everything is centralized by the state and controlled by one person (we see the result); in Ukraine decentralization and informality are the rule. Ukraine’s army is partly crowdfunded.


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If you have Ukrainians in your team or among your friends, ask how you can help.

This includes mental support in the first place. It is tremendously hard to focus on work or anything else when your loved ones are in danger. It is impossible to find the right words for those who are sitting in shelters and having their life’s worth of possessions demolished overnight.

Talk, ask, give room, ensure empathy.