Ukrainian Flag Day

NOT TO BE MISSED! On AUGUST 22nd, after the Sunday services, St. Constantine Ukrainian Catholic Church, St. Michael's and St. George's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, St. Katherine Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and Ukrainian American Community Center invite ALL Minnesota Ukrainians to participate in:

🇺🇦 Unfurling of the longest flag of Ukraine in Minnesota;
🙏 Prayer for unity in Ukraine;
🎨 Street drawing of the map "My Ukraine" for children
☕️ Delicious snack "Coffee on the road"

Ukrainian Village Band will perform.

Everyone who comes in vyshyvanka: children will get free ice cream 😋🍦, and adults - unlimited coffee ☕️☕️☕️ 😃

The event will take place outside, between the St. Constantine and St. Michael & St. George's churches. ALL are welcome!

Ukrainian Independence Day Flashmob

Ukrainian American Community Center 301 Main St NE, Minneapolis, MN, United States

The Ukrainian American Community Center's request to light the Lowry Bridge in yellow and blue colors on Tuesday, AUGUST 24th was approved!
💛 It will be lit in the colors of the Ukrainian flag from 6 p.m. 8/24 to 6 a.m. 8/25.
💙 Come at sunset to the Lowry Bridge around 7:30-8 pm (if you can’t come at this time, come whenever you can) to celebrate the UKRAINIAN INDEPENDENCE! Don’t forget to wear your Vyshyvanka and bring a flag 🇺🇦, and sparklers 🌟; we’ll take lots of pictures 📷! Please share your pictures under this post or in this group 👫👭👬

20th Ukrainian Heritage Festival

Ukrainian American Community Center 301 Main St NE, Minneapolis, MN, United States

This year Twin Cities Ukrainian community celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Annual Twin Cities Ukrainian Heritage Festival and the 30th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence! Join us!
Bring family and friends to this FREE OUTDOOR ONLY event!
EXPLORE, DISCOVER, and CELEBRATE Ukrainian culture and its unique traditions in the Twin Cities. Get entertained, enjoy delicious homemade Ukrainian food like varenyky, holubtsi, and borsch, and simply have fun!
New this year - VYSHYVANKA FASHION SHOW! Vyshyvanka is a traditional emroidered Ukrainian shirt worn by all family members - from kids to elders.
Enjoy a demonsttation of PYSANKY,(hand painted Ukrainian eggs) making!
Waltz and polka with UKRAINIAN VILLAGE BAND, a Ukrainian roots band, playing folk & modern music. One can always find people dancing wherever they play!
Take a photo by our NEW ART PROJECT - cut outs inspired by Maria Prymachenko, a "naive art" Ukrainian painter.
We welcome ALL with hearts full of joy!
Вітаємо! Welcome!

Documentary Screening: The Long Breakup

Ukrainian American Community Center 301 Main St NE, Minneapolis, MN, United States

Join us for a screening of "The Long Breakup," a feature length documentary about Ukraine’s struggle to escape Russia’s embrace, leave its Soviet past behind and become a truly independent nation.
The screening will be followed by the Q&A with Katya Soldak, documentary's producer.
Date and start Time: October 9th 6:30-9:00 PM
Location: Ukrainian American Community Center
301 Main St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA
Admission is free, but donations are appreciated.
Ukrainian-American journalist Katya Soldak, of Forbes Magazine, now living in New York City, tells the story of her home country as it exits the USSR, works through two revolutions, and endures a war with Russia—all through the eyes of her family and friends in Kharkiv, a large Ukrainian city just 18 miles from the Russian border.
The Long Breakup takes viewers on an intimate journey that illustrates how big geopolitical changes affect people on a personal level, and explores what happens when democracy slips away and a nation must fight for the right to choose its future. The film offers insight into what it’s like for an immigrant to watch her country go through crises from afar; but, most importantly, it’s a personal tale about life in the young, former Soviet country, whose struggle forms the backdrop of so many lives.
The Long Breakup was filmed over the course of a decade, and features an original soundtrack, as well as music from Ukrainian and Soviet artists. The film is intended for global audiences with general interests, as well as for those interested in the USSR and post-Soviet developments.

Film Screening: Amulet of the Nation

Ukrainian American Community Center 301 Main St NE, Minneapolis, MN, United States

"Amulet of the Kingdom," a historical fantasy drama and Q&A in Minneapolis.
Ticket price: $15
Children under 14 free
☕️🍪 Coffee and cookies will be served before the screening 😊
📍Social distancing. Masks are required 😊
📍Free parking 🚗
"Amulet of the Kingdom" is in Ukrainian with English subtitles. The film goes on a tour across the cities of the USA. The authors will present the film, and answer questions about the creative process.
Synopsis: A film group from Canada, led by a young journalist Sophie, visits a Ukrainian professor of archeology. Their goal is to record an interview about the best-selling book, The Guardian of the Nation, which the professor has worked on most of his life. The book intertwines legends and facts, evidence and assumptions. The professor claims that the Ukrainian nation originated in the time of the mammoth hunters. And continued its formation in the days of Trypillia and Kyivan Rus. Journalist Sophie is trying to understand how the world should react to such a discovery by a Ukrainian scientist. However, her interest hides something much more important for both of them. Ancient experiences and painful losses, seemingly securely buried under layers of time, hatred and deep resentment - all this comes to light. Will the professor and Sophie be able to understand each other, and most importantly, will they be able to forgive themselves.


International Holodomor Memorial Day: Light a candle of Memory

Ukrainian American Community Center 301 Main St NE, Minneapolis, MN, United States

Ukrainians all over the world honor the memory of the millions who died under the Soviet Union's campaign of forced starvation by lighting a memory candle.
On this day, take a moment to remember the #Holodomor victims:
At 7:32 p.m. local time pause for a moment of silence to honor the memory of the Holodomor victims.
Light a candle of remembrance in your home.
Post photos of your candles on social media with your thoughts of remembrance.

Вахтанг Кіпіані в Міннеаполісі: Презентація книг

Ukrainian American Community Center 301 Main St NE, Minneapolis, MN, United States

Український центр у Міннеаполісі запрошує на зустріч з істориком та журналістом Вахтангом Кіпіані. Будемо говорити про цьогорічні книжкові новинки від "Історичної правди" - "Дисиденти" тa "Країна жіночого роду", а також про вже легендарну книгу "Справа Василя Стуса".
Навесні цього року Київський апеляційний суд скасував заборону на поширення цієї книги, а судовий процес з проросійським політиком Віктором Медведчуком, який ініціював переслідування видання, став одним із найгучніших в історії книговидавництва України.
Нещодавно ця книга очолила рейтинг 30 знакових книг в історії України.
О 18:30 приходьте на на каву.
Презентація книг відбудеться о 19:00, після чого буде час для запитань і відповідей.
У вас буде можливість придбати деякі з книг!
До зустрічі

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