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#PysankyofUkraine Don't miss our Pysanka demo and sale tomorrow, Friday, March 23rd, at our last Varenyky Fish Fry!
Pysanka is an absolutely unique creation. It impresses with its elegance, perfection and richness of ornamental elements and motifs. The Ivan Honchar Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine) presents an animated video of the Easter eggs of various historical time periods and geographical regions of Ukraine. Enjoy!

Українські писанки

Писанка – абсолютно унікальний витвір. Вона вражає своєю витонченістю, довершеністю і багатством композиційних варіантів, орнаментальних елементів та мотивів. Напередодні Великодня Музей Івана Гончара представляє анімаційне відео та пропонує познайомитися ближче із писанками різних історико-географічних регіонів України. Основу ролика складають писанки, що відписані за взірцями із особистої колекції Івана Гончара, яку він формував протягом сер. 50-х – кін. 80-х років. Відтворювали писанки співробітниці музею – майстрині Лариса Головня та Надія Білоткач. Фондова колекція писанок, зібраних Іваном Гончаром, складає 392 одиниці.Фотограф: Asha KoraВідео: Терещенко Іван, Новосельцева ЮляМузика: гурт The Doox

Posted by Музей Івана Гончара (Ivan Honchar Museum) on Sunday, April 9, 2017

Let's go out, let's see Ukraine 🇺🇦️

Great culture and history, friendly people, cheap food and transportation - check it out! 🙂


Bid artificial dyes good-bye. These Easter eggs glow with a variety of natural dyes. Enjoy!

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#ChernobylZone #NatureRevival
A scientist Sergey Gashchak installed a camera in Chernobyl zone, an area of nuclear disaster that took place in Ukraine in April of 1986. It's amazing to see how quickly nature took over in 31 years after the tragic event.
Source in Ukrainian
More about Chernobyl disaster

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#PysankaSale #VarenykyFishFry Come one - come all!! Share please!
Only three days left to our last Lenten dinner of varenyky (pierogi) & fish fry on March 23rd. It's your lucky day! Not only can you enjoy a delicious dinner, but you can also expand or start your collection of Ukrainian Pysanky, or Easter eggs, which also make a wonderful and unique gift. We will also have pysanka making kits and supplies for sale from the Ukrainian Gift Shop 🙂

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Congratulations, team #Ukraine! 🇺🇦
Ukraine’s team won 22 medals (7 - gold🎖, 7 - silver 🎖, 8 - bronze🎖) in 2018 Paralympic Games!

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Illegal 'referendum' in Crimea

Today marks four years since Russia’s illegal referendum in Crimea. The UK does not recognise its result. Here’s why it didn’t meet international standards. #CrimeaIsUkraine

Posted by British Embassy, Kyiv on Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy St.Patricks Day!☘️
Spinach varenyky with cabbage, anyone? 😀

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#Pysanky - a Ukrainian art form that has become a staple of Easter celebrations in Ukraine and America. Crafting this kind of eggcellence, you see, takes patience, discipline and days of work -- not to mention a metal stylus, wax, dye and varnish. Pysanky means ‘to write’ in Ukrainian. These eggs document Ukrainian traditions and history.
Creating the Ukrainian Easter egg requires multiple steps, including immersing it in a jar of dye, where it sits for 10 minutes -- until the color seeps into the part of the shell not covered with wax. Varnish is applied to protect the egg, keep the colors from fading and give the shell a glowing sheen. After getting drawn on and dipped and dabbed, this pysanka finally gets to rest - on a bed of nails, which allows the varnish to dry (see the last picture). The art form has transcended Ukraine to become part of an American and local Easter tradition.

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Why party with a #UkrainianVillageBand for #StPatrickDay tonight?
💚☘️ 🇲🇽️🇺🇦️
History lesson time:
A long time ago on a continent (not so) far away, the Celtic ancestors of the modern day Irish spent several generations roaming the Pontic Steppe -- the region just north of the Black Sea in what is now Ukraine -- before shoving off for places further West.
At one point, nearly all of northern Europe was inhabited by Celtic tribes. Celtic geographic names survive in nearly all modern European languages; for example, variations of the word for the Danube River. This is also the reason why both Spain and Ukraine have historical regions called Galicia -- both the Spanish Galicia and the Ukrainian Galicia were named in more ancient times by Celts that lived in those regions....

Slainge! Будьмо!

For Ukraine, the new flights represent the gradual expansion of affordable travel to the countries of Europe. In May 2017, Brussels eliminated visas for Ukrainian citizens visiting the Schengen area for a period of up to 90 days.

#VarenykyFishFry TOMORROW, MARCH 16th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm
The REVIEWS are IN --> Guests love the #Varenyky combo with specially seasoned Alaskan Pollock Fish and Coleslaw with "Baba's" secret dressing! Desserts, too! 🙂
During LENT only. Please share with your friends thru facebook
Delicious varenyky (pierogies), tender fired or baked fish, french fries, coleslaw, & desserts -- meatless spaghetti for the kids. Beer/Wine available and take-out also. Cash, checks, or cards
Just what is needed at the end of a long week, a traditional Friday Fish Fry but with a Eastern European flavor!

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#UkrainianArchitecture #МодернаХата в #ТрадиційномуСтилі

Ukrainian architects Oleh and Liliya Ukrayina designed a modern Ukrainian house in a traditional Ukrainian style. The result was fantastic!
Source in Ukrainian

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Easter is fast approaching- are you sure you have all of your pysanky supplies? What about a beautiful easter basket cover? 😊

#UkrainianFolkArt #Pysanky
Ukrainian Easter eggs, pysanky, by artists from Lviv, Ukraine
Photo by Luba Petrusha

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#KyivPecherskLavra is a unique monastery complex in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine, which is included in #UNESCO world heritage list. It was visited by more than 43 millions of tourists from all over the world.
Kiev-Pechersk-Lavra originates in 1051, when a monk Antoniy had settled in this place in dug out on a hill slope cave. Soon other monks joined him and started to widen the caves, later when underground space could not house all community — to construct overground buildings.
The name of the monastery comes exactly from the caves (the word «pechera» in Ukrainian means a «cave»), the word «lavra» means status, it received large and influential monasteries, which size was like small towns with streets (lavra means «street» in Greek).
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