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Sara Powel, a student at Harvard University loves Ukrainian Literature. Here is a short interview with her in English with Ukrainian subtitles.

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Amazing examples of traditional #Ukrainianembroidery from #PrekrasaStudio in #Ukraine. Please like, share and ... participate!
Щоб додати свої роботи на виставку, переходьте на сторінку події уважно читайте інформацію з умовами участі і додавайте свої роботи до 20 травня. Не баріться!

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💛 Happy Mother's Day! 💐 Вітаємо з днем матері! 💙

Photo via Ivan Kravchyshyn, Ukrainian movie producer and author of the project "Letters to the Front"

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Next Sunday, May 20th, 3pm
All are Invited to come Celebrate Cheremosh's
'Heart of our Homeland' inspired Ukrainian Folk Dance
Spring Concert
Doors open at 2:30pm
Tickets: Adults $15. Children 6-12age $8.
Child 5&under Free
Includes Performance & Light Meal

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They are so delicious…almost addictive… and you will not just have one…we assure you of that. They will become everyone’s favorite at your party!
Recipe here

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1945 - VE Day / Victory In Europe Declared - President Truman and Prime minister Churchill declared victory in Europe today, celebrating the defeat of Nazi Germany.
Did you know that more #Ukrainians fought and died on the Allied side than the French, British, and the Americans put together?
- Why is it not always remembered that #Ukraine was the center of Hitler’s ideology, of German war planning, that Ukrainians were the intended slaves of Germany?
- Why is it not always remembered that Ukrainians were understood racially, by Nazi ideology, that if we want to understand the #Holocaust, we have to start with Ukraine?
- Why is it not always remembered that 6.5 million inhabitants of Soviet Ukraine died as a result of German occupation?

Can you fold like this? 😀

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#UkrainianAmericans in #Minnesota
A great article featuring Andrea Hricko Hjelm, a local Ukrainian American, in the U of M. College of Education magazine.
via Bob Iwaskewycz

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...”You’ll find museums alongside traditional markets, bouji brunch spots in the same street as restaurants who’ve been run by the same family for generations, parks and spas and shopping that holds its own against the rest of the European capitals. The best bit? It’s still outrageously affordable. This is what you shouldn’t miss...”

#YouthLeadershipCamp Jun 18th - 30th, 2018
Scolar Ukraine&America Program @ CYM Educational Campus of the Ukrainian Center, Mpls, MN
A 2-week long day camp for youth ages 9 – 16 to build leadership skills. Program is bilingual emphasizing Ukrainian, but accommodating children with some or no Ukrainian also. Program description and contact info here:


Hutsul Culture Festival - keeping traditions alive

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“...this book stands as a notable contribution to appreciating major currents in Ukrainian literature of the last generation—an appreciation that, for most of us, is notably overdue.”

"Finally, on April 28th, the government made a 15-second statement on the evening news: “There has been an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.” It noted that “assistance has been provided” to those affected and that “an investigative commission has been set up”. On May 1st, while local Communist Party bosses were evacuating their own families, hundreds of thousands of ordinary people attended a May Day parade in Kiev, where radiation levels were several-fold higher than normal. Many came with children in short-sleeved shirts. ... Instead of providing information, the Soviet propaganda was busy battling the foreign media. [...] In the eyes of his two most important constituencies—the Soviet intelligentsia and the West—Mr Gorbachev’s pledge of openness had failed its first important test.[..] Five years after the explosion at Chernobyl, that inability to conceal the truth would bring down the whole rotten construction."

Ukrainian city Ivano-Frankivsk has won the 2018 Europe Prize - awarded annually by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) to the town or city most active in promoting the European ideal. The prize is recognition of the western Ukrainian city’s efforts to develop relationships with other European cities while also promoting academic and cultural links at the grassroots level.

Created by PACE in 1955, the Europe Prize is the highest distinction that can be bestowed on a European town or city for its actions in the European domain. The prize consists of a trophy, a medal, a diploma and a scholarship for a study visit to European institutions for young people from the winning town. Ivano-Frankivsk is the second Ukrainian city to receive the award following Kharkiv’s 2010 Europe Prize success.

We had an amazing #strokeawareness event! Thank you to all of our presenters, guests and supporters!
Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey kicked off the event. #UniversityofMinnesota physicians Dr. Andy Grande, Dr. Chris Streib, and Dr. Huseyin Tore kept the audience captivated by sharing the latest research in stroke prevention and treatment. Community members had a chance to learn more about stroke prevention and hypertension nutrition therapy at the #HennepinHealthcare booth, find out about the #2018StridesforStroke event, get hands on and examine up close the special device, called a stent retriever, produced by #Medtronic and used in emergency treatments for stroke, get excited about the fresh produce from the #NortheastFarmersMarket. Kids had lots of fun exploring the ambulance and the fire trucks generously provided by the Minneapolis Fire Department and Hennepin County Medical Center.

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The Second National Film Award will take place today on April, 20th at the CEC Parkovy, Kyiv. You can watch the live broadcast of The Second National Film Award at 5:00 p.m. live at the Ukrainian Academy Web site.

For the second years in a row, the Golden Dziga will be presented to the best Ukrainian films in 18 categories.